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Troubleshooting Jurassic World Evolution: How to Fix Common Problems and Isuses

    Jurassic World Evolution down?   Jurassic World Evolution not working  

Common fixes:

  1. Clear the Cache of Your PC or Console
  2. Update Jurassic World Evolution game Licenses (PS Only).
  3. Power cycling your console (PlayStation 4 & Xbox One): Turn off your console » unplug power-cable for 1min. » Plug power-cable back » restart console » Run Jurassic World Evolution again.
  4. Install Missing Multiplayer packages.

How to Fix Jurassic World Evolution Game Server Connection Problems:

  1. Reset Winsock:
    • Press » Search bar » and type CMD. Now, Right-click Command Prompt when it comes up as a result and select Run as administrator.
      In Command Prompt, type 'netsh winsock reset' and hit Enter (on your keyboard).
      Now, Restart your computer and Launch Jurassic World Evolution and check if the issue persists.
  2. Close all other Internet connected apps.
  3. Restart your network (modem or wi-fi).


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