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Troubleshooting Sid Meier's Civilization: How to Fix Common Problems and Isuses

How to Fix Sid Meier's Civilization Not Working on PC/Playstation/Xbox

Issues with the Sid Meier's Civilization game may come in different forms like:

  1. Corrupt cache data on consoles or launcher
  2. Improper game licenses
  3. Missing packages on Consoles
  4. Game Server connectivity issues

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Common fixes:

  1. Clear the Cache of Your PC or Console. A common reason why Sid Meier's Civilization might not be working is corrupted cache data. Try clearing the cache files on your PC or console to fix the issue. Here is how:
    • Clear Cache on PC:
      Press Win + R keys to open the Run dialog box, and then type %ProgramData% in it and hit Enter.
      Inside the hidden ProgramData folder, find the Sid Meier's Civilization game's folders (usually named Sid Meier's Civilization or 2K) that hold the cache data. Right-click them and select Delete. Relaunch the Sid Meier's Civilization.

    • Clear Cache on Steam:
      Open Steam Sign in » Select Library (from the op menu) » Locate Sid Meier's Civilization inside the vertical menu on the left, then right-click on it and click on Properties » select "Local files" from the vertical menu on the left, then click on "Verify integrity of game cache". » click 'Yes' (to confirm) and wait until the operation is complete.
      After the integrity scan is complete, reboot your PC and see if the issue is fixed once the next startup is complete.

    • Clear Cache on PS4/PS5:
      Your PlayStation must turned on. Press and hold the Power button (until you hear a beep sound) » unplug the console power cable » Wait for 1min » Re-plug the power » Restart your Playstation.
      Check if the Sid Meier's Civilization issue is fixed.

    • Clear Cache on Xbox:
      Your Xbox console must be on. Press and hold the Power button (keep pressing until the LED light on the console turns off) » Unplug the Xbox power cable » wait for 1minute » Re-plug the power cable » Restart your Xbox.
      Now check to see if you can launch Sid Meier's Civilization.

  2. Update Sid Meier's Civilization game Licenses (PS Only). Updating the licenses on Playstation can solve the Sid Meier's Civilization error issue you're experiencing. Here's how:
    • On PS4:
      Goto Homescreen » Settings » Account Management » Restore Licenses » click on "Confirm" (if prompted). Wait for the process to complete. After the licenses are restored, reboot your console and check if the Sid Meier's Civilization not working issue is fixed.

    • On PS5:
      Goto the Home screen » Settings » Users and Accounts » Other » Restore Licenses » Restore then confirm the operation and wait until the operation is complete. Now relaunch the game to see if you can play the Sid Meier's Civilization game successfully without issues.

  3. Power cycling your console (PlayStation 4 & Xbox One)
    • Power Cycling on Xbox:
      Press and hold the Xbox button until the lights go off » Unplug the power cable and wait for 1minute » Plug the power cable back in » Restart Xbox » Open Sid Meier's Civilization and see if the issue has been resolved.

    • Power Cycling on PlayStation:
      Press the controller's PS button » Power options » select Turn Off () Do NOT enter into Rest Mode). Wait until the light goes out completely, then unplug the power cable and wait 30 seconds.
      Plug the power cable back on and press the PS button again to start it up. Run Sid Meier's Civilization again and see if the not working issue has been resolved.

  4. Install Missing Multiplayer packages: If you're experiencing errors with Sid Meier's Civilization game on a next-gen console (Playstation 5 or Xbox Series), it's possible there are missing MP packages. This is caused by this new next-gen ability to install parts of a game. In this case, you can get the issue fixed by installing the missing MP packages on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series S and X.

How to Fix Sid Meier's Civilization Game Server Connection Problems:

  1. Reset Winsock: When you can't connect to the Sid Meier's Civilization servers, you can give Winsock a try. Winsock is a Windows app that handles data that programs use for Internet access. Resetting Winsock Catalog back to its default settings can help with network problems. Here is how:
    • Press the Windows Logo Key » Locate the search bar » type CMD. Now, Right-click Command Prompt when it comes up as a result and select Run as administrator.
      In Command Prompt, type 'netsh winsock reset' and hit Enter (on your keyboard).
      Now, Restart your computer. Next, Launch Sid Meier's Civilization to see if it connects to the game server.
      If the issue persists, try the next fix below.

  2. Close Internet data intensive applications: Running other Internet connected programs or streaming may cause Sid Meier's Civilization to lose connection to it's game server. Close these bandwidth hungry apps and services to see if it can fix the Sid Meier's Civilization game server issue. Here is how:
    • On your keyboard, press the 'Ctrl, Shift and Esc' keys at once to open Task Manager » Right-click on any app you want to close » click "End Task".

  3. Restart your network: The Sid Meier's Civilization won't connect to server issue may be a glitch caused by your router or Wifi. Restart your modem or wi-fi to see if this fixes the issue. Now, Launch Sid Meier's Civilization to see if it connects to the servers properly

Contact 2K Customer Service

If you've exhausted all the solutions above but the problem still persists, then it’s probably a server outage with Sid Meier's Civilization. The 2K customer support may also be able to help you determine and fix the exact problem. Here is how to contact them:

  1. Seek help on 2K's website:

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