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FrankenStorm TD System Requirements

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Recommended System Requirements and Specifications

Windows PC Requirements

  • OS: Windows 7 (SP1+) and Windows 10
  • Processor: x86, x64 architecture with SSE2 instruction set support.
  • Graphics: DX10, DX11, DX12 capable.
  • Additional Notes: Hardware vendor officially supported drivers.

No maximum Pc system requirements!!

Macintosh Requirements

No minimum Mac system requirements!!
No maximum Mac system requirements!!

Linux Requirements

No minimum linux requirements!!
No maximum linux requirements!!

Can I Run FrankenStorm TD?

Most sites recommend downloading some program from them into your computer. Don’t try it. Especially with the advent of Bitcoin seeking and webcam spying ransomware on the Internet nowadays, it is recommended you don’t make that mistake since this info is something you can find with some simple digging and common sense.

Here is how to check your system Specs without downloading malware from the Internet

Find specs for all Windows versions: 1. Click the Windows Logo button on your keypad + R key. In the small little window that appears titled "Run", type "msinfo32" and hit the enter key. A window will appear showing you detailed info on your System specifications.

    Alternative steps:

    Windows 10 specs:
  • Step 1. Open Windows Explorer, locate “This PC”.
  • Step 2. Right-click “This PC” icon and select the “Properties” option.

  • Windows 8 specs:
  • Processor, memory and operating system: Click the Windows Start Button > Settings Tile > PC and Devices > PC Info.
  • OR
  • Step 1. Click the Windows Start Button > search for “System” in the search bar.
  • Step 2. From the drop-down results, select and click the “System” result.
  • How to see the Graphics Card: Click the Windows Start Button > Settings Tile > Control Panel (bottom left) > Devices and Printers > Device Manager > Display Adapters. That's it.

  • Windows 7 specs:
  • Step 1. Right-click the “Computer” icon to open the menu > Select the “Properties” option.
  • This last instruction also works for Windows Vista and XP.

  • As you can see there was no need to download computer malware to your system.

Recommendations: It is recommended you have double the RAM recommended by the above and Game makers above. The ROM should also be less than 5% of the Available Space on your computer or a maximum 15%.

Troubleshooting: What to do if you run into problems

If you ever run into problems playing the game or getting it to work for your PC or computer, here are some steps you can take:

  1. Contact support here >>

  2. Email support >>

  3. Visit developers site >>


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Descriptions and Features

Roguelite TD: all towers & enemies start the same, but you have 1 choice per wave affecting BOTH and stacking up for dramatic variance. Gradually salvage and make some choices permanent to build deeper strategies. Also a unique mazing challenge where wires and towers must be linked to a power source

What if all towers and enemies were initially the same, and you were presented with only one choice per wave? What if this choice affected not only towers, but your enemies too? The choices are randomly generated. Your decisions will control the progression of the game: fast but weak enemies, massive but resistant ones, ones with dodge, flying or otherwise - make your choice! How will you advance your towers to counter the enemies you build up? What combinations can you muster to progress deeper into the chaos?

Gather enough Salvage Points to salvage and make permanent some of your choices, leaving you more equipped up for future runs, and pushing you even deeper into the madness. Assemble insane synergies and see how glorious of a run can you achieve before the end inevitably reaches you. Can you earn a spot on the leaderboards?

A combination of two challenges gives this TD a fresh take on mazing for you to enjoy:
1. By default, walls (wires) and towers cannot be placed arbitrarily, but rather must all be connected to a power source
2. Randomised enemy waypoints (switches) let your mazes become labyrinths that can be re-entered if needed

Through your sheer genius, you've realised how to channel lightning to create life! But the foolish village-folk have caught wind of that, and for some reason are trying to violently put a halt to your experiment. Alas, violence shall be met with violence, as is another effective usage of lightning. Build storm-powered traps and collect doodads and contraptions to aid you in stopping those ignorant fools from toying with what they don't understand, and try to complete your experiment.

Any suggestions or feedback, or want to chat with the devs as this game progresses? Join the Doodad Games Discord server and get involved!

Art, animations and more from Ethan Close.


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